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Ready to ship coffee table books

This shop provides foreign authentic books as decorations, can be in the model room, hotel, home store, cafe and other occasions to do display decoration.
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服務:  ? 30天無憂退貨? 48小時快速退款? 滿88元免郵? xx自營

  • Warm tip:

    Non-complete contents of foreign decorative books, only used for pages can be turned to browse the real decoration purposes.


    This shop provides foreign authentic books as decorations, can be in the model room, hotel, home store, cafe and other occasions to do display decoration. put on the table, counter, bedside, window and other positions, create a European and American style atmosphere.It can also be used for movie props, shooting props and other purposes. The inside page is printed in black and white on light paper, with 16 pages of different English text and text are repeated in a loop for books. It is only used as decorative props for page turning, not for real reading.


    1.What is the classical model book?

         Classical model book also named props book, decoration book,fake book or emulational book, which used to replace the visual effect of real book.

    2. What is the function of classical model book?

        It can be used to decorate the bookcase/bookshelf,office,studying room,exhibitionbar,furniture,cabinet.Or regared as the prop when photographing.

    3. What is the size model book? Our scope for size for stock

      The hight about 20~27cm, the width about 16~18cm, the thickness about 2.5~5cm

    4. Personalized?

      Yes, the cover and size can be customized as your design.